Cabeço das Rolas Water Reservoir

Cabeço das Rolas Garden, Parque das Nações | 38°45'35.4"N 9°05'56.3"W

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The large water reservoir initially created to support the former Sacor refinery remains to this day as part of the irrigation system of the Parque das Nações. It is completely fenced and features a platform on the east, north and west sides.

The reservoir has a square shape with 50 meters from side to side. Its depth can reach 5 meters deep; The transparency of water is one of the main features.
Entidade Gestora / Pessoa de Contacto | Departamento de Estrutura Verde

Horário de funcionamento | Week days, 8AM - 6PM

Infra-estruturas e equipamentos de apoio | Single-Phase / Three-phase Electricity; Water, Sanitary facilities

Procedimentos de acesso |

Possibilidades de utilização | Aquatic tests of locomotion, communication and analysis / sensing of the environment. Tests, experiences and competitions; It is an open-air structure allowing the use of GPS.
High transparency. 

Entidades interessadas | Schools and universities, research and development centers, private companies.