Carnide's Landfill

Carnide | 38°46'35.5"N 9°10'45.3"W

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Vast space, consisting of a terrain with ups and downs and spontaneous vegetation of variable height, depending on the time of year. Its use is conditioned because it is a landfill.
Entidade Gestora / Pessoa de Contacto | Direção Municipal de Higiene Urbana

Horário de funcionamento | Week days - 8AM – 6PM

Infra-estruturas e equipamentos de apoio | Administrative support building and dining room;
Storage park of various types urban solid waste stored in large containers;
Storage of metal and polyethylene containers.

Procedimentos de acesso | Terrestrial tests of locomotion, communication and analysis / sensing of the environment. Tests, experiences and competitions; It is an open-air structure allowing the use of GPS.
Irregular terrain and existence of vegetation that can be high (1 - 1.5 meters high)

Possibilidades de utilização | Schools and universities, research and development centers, private companies.

Utilizadores |

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