The idea of a Robotics Cluster in Lisbon

The Lisbon Robotics Cluster, Lisbon Robotics, is led by a group of entities, including the Lisbon City Council, the Institute of Systems and Robotics from Instituto Superior Técnico and LISPOLIS, with the aim of federating the Actors of this ecosystem and contribute to the development and promotion of Robotics in the city of Lisbon.


Around the occasion of the RoCKIn2015 event, a Robotics competition held in November of 2015 in Lisbon, in the scope of the European project (FP7) RoCKIn - Robot Competions KickInnova on in Cognitive Systems and Robotics, coordinated by the Institute of Systems and Robotics of Instituto Superior Técnico (ISR / IST), a workshop was organized in collaboration with the City Council of Lisbon (CML). The purpose was to start the discussion about the constitution of a Robotics Cluster in the city.
This event brought together startups and already consolidated portugueses robotics companies, as well as a set of institutions linked to this sector, research centers, training centers, among others.
Following this initiative, and in order to broaden the discussion and define some starting lines, the Lisbon City Council, in partnership with ISR / IST, together with Universities and Robotics companies, organized working sessions at Lispolis. The main idea was to set up a Cluster led by a central set of founding entities capable of federating a set of actors and allowing the development of an Activity Plan and the execution of Concrete Projects in this area in the city of Lisbon

The public presentation of the Lisboa Robotics Cluster was held on the 24th of February of 2017 at Lisbon's Technology Center (Lispolis).


The Lisbon Robotics Strategic Program includes the development, in phases, of the following axes:
- The creation of a network of hotspots, spaces for testing and experimentation in a controlled environment;
- The activation of a Think Tank, a group to reflect on the main issues that arise with the development of Robotics, namely ethical, legal and societal;
- The creation of Living labs, areas / spaces of the city where the population can coexist and interact with robots;
- The creation of an hardware incubator with a special focus on Robotics, that works as a structure to support and energize the sector;


· Lisbon has fundamental and applied research in several R & D centers and universities;
· There are several actors and talents operating in the city in different areas of Robotics (startups and companies of international size that use the potential of Robotics in their business models);
· The urban environment is fairly prone to the experimentation of new technologies, often indispensable to its usual function and modernization;
. Lisbon has spaces suitable for the intervention of several robot application segments, namely the proximity of the sea and a vast hydrographic basin, neighborhoods with aged population, old buildings and subject to high seismic risk;
· Lisbon has become an international reference in the promotion of entrepreneurship and a place of excellence for the creation and development of startups;
· The concentration of talents around a cluster confers external visibility leading to the attraction of actors at an international level;